The first batch of the Trade Competition Commission was appointed according to the Trade Competition Act B.E. 2560. The objective and the policy of the appointment are to enforce the law to set rules and to supervise the country’s businesses for the benefits of both producers and consumers. Therefore, the entrepreneurs and the public would gain benefits from the trade competition which is free and fair for every sector in the country.

What is important is the fact that there must be apparent mobility and growth for the business that is equally open for everyone. The Trade Competition Act B.E. 2560 empowers the Trade Competition Commission to appoint rules and procedures for free and fair trade competition which will be effective like any other laws. In the case of violation, the violator will receive punishment as stated by law.

Moreover, this batch of Commission is also authorized to investigate filed complaints regarding unjust trading and also is entitled to select the cases that suggest the possibility to create the unjust business. This authorization enables the Commission to revise internal structure and rules to accommodate the altered situation conveniently.

It could be concluded that the Trade Competition Commission is the authority that sets the national trade rules. The policy on the mobility of this batch of Commission is composed of 4 main domains.

  1. To advance and reform business structure, and administrate the trade competition of Thailand to be aligned with the universal standard. To create a free and fair atmosphere for business operations in the country.

  2. To upgrade the enforcement of the Trade Competition Law and the Trade Competition Commission with the aim to stipulate Thailand to become the role model amongst the ASEAN countries. The enforcement of the law has to be prompt with the ability to restrain any error at once. (Rapid Detain and Suppress – emphasize more on detainment than suppression). For the Trade Competition Commission, it is built upon the objective to gain confidence from the private sector, to be excellent, to be operated with modernity and to be well aware of trade strategies and new businesses. More importantly, the Commission must be the organization that is administered with transparency, neutrality, and justice for all sides.

  3. To strengthen knowledge and understanding in the trade competition under the Trade Competition Act B.E. 2560 amongst entrepreneurs and all sectors, so to raise their awareness and that they will be able to follow the law correctly. The understanding and correct practice will boost the country’s economic system to be open for the free and fair competition which leads to citizen’s well-being including the building of alliance and trade competition network.

  4. Not to obstruct the growth of the business on the basis that the growth has to free and fair to both business entrepreneurs and consumers.

In this regard, the Office of Trade Competition Commission is the agency that realizes the policy of the Trade Competition Commission to be successful. The Office prepared the operational strategy that follows that of the international level, and conforms with Thailand’s 20-year national strategy, the 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan and the Good Governance for the state administration in 6 facades as follows;

(1) To supervise the market’s structure and behavior of the free and fair competition.

(2) To increase efficiency and enhance the enforcement of Trade Competition Law to meet the international standard.

(3) To promote and build networks among agencies engaged in the supervision of the competition in international level.

(4) To publicize and promote the entrepreneurs and other related parties to be open for more knowledge, understanding, and to observe the Trade Competition Law.

(5) To strengthen effective and flexible administration to build the organization’s Good Governance.

(6) To develop the resourceful and skillful personnel to operate their work with ethics.

Finally, the cooperation between the Commission and the Office will result in the accomplishment which is the fact that the overall Thai economy at the macro level grows at its full capacity and stability. This stable growth will lead to the economic atmosphere that accommodates entrepreneurs and investors both in Thailand and abroad to confide more in the investment and to be able to further develop the defense and revise the strategy for the appropriate business operation.


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